Monday, October 4, 2010

Haku-men Basics and Directional Notation

All right, time to get to the basics of Haku-men.
For reference purposes, here is how directions will be explained.
In a 2D fighter, the D-Pad has 8 directions of movement, and then neutral, these directions are Up Left, Up, Up Right, Left, Neutral, Right, Down Left, Down, Down Right.  If you take a gander at your numpad, you'll notice this corresponds perfectly with 1-9.

1 - Down Back
2 - Down
3 - Down Forward
4 - Left
5 - Neutral
6 - Forward
7 - Up Back
8 - Up
9 - Up Forward

There's are all with the assumption that your character is on the left side of the screen, facing right.

So, if I were to say, 214B, that would be the equivilent of a Quarter Circle Back + B, or Down, Down Back, Back, B.
A = Square, B = Triangle, C = Circle, D = X, j. = Jump, JC = Jump Cancel, 66 = Forward Hop

Got it?  Make sense?  Good!

Haku-men's movelist.

Basic Moves
5A - Standing Jab
6A - Forward Shoulder Check
2A - Crouching Jab
5B - Standing Kick
6B - Downward "Curb Stomp"
2B - Crouching Kick
5C - Standing Downwards Vertical Slash
6C - Forward Horizontal Slash
2C - Crouching Upwards Vertical Slash
4C - Long Range Thrust
3C - Sweeping Slash
j.A - Jumping Jab
j.2A - Jumping Blunt Sword Attack
j.B - Jumping Kick
j.C - Jumping Horizontal Slash
j.2C - Jumping Vertical Slash

Special Moves
214A (Gurren) - A fast dash attack using the bottom of the hilt.
214B (Renka) - A quick kick attack, striking low first then middle.
623A (Kishuu) - A forward dash that does not strike on the first move.
   --> A (Enma) - A follow up after Kishuu, does an uppercut that launches the opponent up.
41236C (Zantetsu) - A fairly fast attack that strikes high first then low.
j.214B (Hotaru) - A fast kick attack that is completely invulnerable for a decent period.
j.214C (Tsubaki) - A quick 360 air slash.

Drive Moves
5D - A Standing Counter, has longer startup than the rest, slams enemy into ground behind Haku-men.
6D - Forward Counter, does no damage on counter, but staggers the enemy for a brief period.
2D - Crouching Counter, Haku-men flips the opponent to the other side.
j.D - Jumping Counter, Haku-men flips the opponent into the air.

Distortion Moves
632146C (Kokujin Shippuu) - Haku-men raises his sword in the air, then brings it down in a vertical slash that also releases a projectile afterwards.  Can be charged.
236236D (Kokujin Yukikaze) - A special counter, if landed, Haku-men freezes the foe, and performs a VERY large counter attack.  Stylish, but not terribly effective.
214214B (Kokujin Ougi Mugen) - Haku-men releases his built up energy and gains infinite magatama for a period of time.

Astral Move
Hold 2 Briefly, then 8D (Aku Metsu) - Haku-men's astral move is a counter, when successful, the screen turns Black and White and cut strokes appear in rapid succession.

There, that's just a brief intro into the movelist of Haku-men!

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