Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In Depth Analysis of Hakumen's Moves

Earlier post listed all of Haku-men's moves, now here's a post with a bit more about each one, why they're good, why they're bad, etc.

Let's start with his A moves.

5A - A quick standing jab, it's not particularly useful anymore, but in some cases, when you're standing right next to an opponent, and they're jumping in the air, you can land a quick counter hit on them for a decent combo.

2A - Crouching Jab, and very useful.  Isn't nearly as spammable as other peoples, but the timing on it can throw people off, and lead into fairly powerful combos.

6A - Nerfed from Calamity Trigger, the shoulder check move is still extremely good, with upper body invulnerability (which translates to any mid attack won't land on him) and a VERY long hit stun.  On Counter Hit this can land a bit of damage.

j.A - A quick air jab, not particularly useful.

j.2A - Previously assigned to j.2C, this move is now on A.  A fairly quick attack using the blunt side of his sword, this move is used a lot in Haku-men's air combos.  As well, against characters like Hazama, it makes for a decent approach tool to cut Ouroboros.

5B - A quick standing kick, but you definitely shouldn't be just throwing this one out, as it has bad recovery frames.

2B - Crouching kick, comes out a little slow, but strikes low which is nice.  Combos into Renka nicely as well.  Recovery is a little long though.

6B - Ahhh, the curb stomp.  A fantastic move to use for Haku-men's mixup and pressure games.  This comes out as an Overhead, it's fast, and on block it breaks a guard primer.  Properly mixed with 6A and 2B, it'll leave the opponent guessing what to do next.  Also has lower body invulnerability, which means any low attack will miss Haku-men while this move is going.

j.B - A quick air kick, is fairly good at knocking other players out of moves in the air.  Of your air moves, this one is pretty safe, though it's a short range.  If you're that close, you have better options.

5C - Vertical slash, has a very tall hit box, and comes out at a decent enough speed.  Okay recovery, but definitely not something you want to use a lot.  There are better moves to be attempting to land combos with.

2C - A very powerful move for Haku-men.  The rising vertical slash has a very large hit box, is air unblockable (the opponent cannot normal block this move if they are airborne, only barrier block,) and leads into decent damage as well.  The downside is, it has bad recovery.  Use it to punish sloppy attempts at closing in via air.

6C - A very long horizontal swing, leads to a Fatal Counter on fully charged hit.  The damage on this move is massive, and it has very low proration, on Fatal Counter, you can even fully charge another hit for 3700 damage from just TWO moves.  Unfortunately, it's a slow move with long recovery.  Does break guard primer on hit as well.

3C - A sweeping swing, long range, very good damage, leads to a rather simple and good combo.  Recovery isn't too bad.  This move is best when used out of the opponents range, but still in Haku-men's, as it's fairly safe from a distance.  Up close, you're better off using other moves.

4C - Brand new move for Haku-men in Continuum Shift, this move covers roughly have the screen.  It has a MASSIVE range, one of the longest in the games.  The downside?  Almost no ability to combo off it.  It's a quick thrust, and it makes for good zoning, use it a lot to keep players at bay.

j.C - A new move for Haku-men, it's a very long range horizontal slash, can be used in combos, but generally not to start combos.  Has good damage, good reach, it's a very good zoning tool.

j.2C - Haku-men's old j.C, essentially unchanged, downward swinging vertical slash, this move is used in Haku-men's falling j.2C combos, which make up a large portion of Haku-men's combos.